Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY: Fabric bracelet<3

 Lately,  everybody is making their own bracelets. They are so many different types and colors. The original ones are made with strings or floss, but this one is made with some pieces of fabric i had. Bracelets are a major trend this spring and summer! Also theres a rule: "wear as many as you can"!!

Things you'll need:

  •  3 Fabric strings
  • Super glue
  • a botton or a pin

  1. Start putting the 3 strings together and secure then with tape on a table or a surface.
  2. braid the 3 strings all the way down.

3 .  on the ends of the  braid leave a piece of fabric and roll it around the edges.

            4. secure with the pin both sides.

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