Italian Afternoon<3

It was a rainy day, i usually would go to a coffee shop and get a comercial biscotti and a chai latte, but today i decided to make my own favorite snack to make me feel warm. I found this recipe and i loved it! very easy and fast to make. I hope you guys enjoy it too.<3<3


Since the chicago weather has been chilly lately and midterms are coming up, a warm croissant and a strong cup of coffee seems like the ideal way to start a day. The recipe for these croissants are denser than store but ones but are just as buttery and satisfying, make sure you have enough time to make them b/c they take over 5 hours.

Hot Cocoa Popsicles<3

Summer is around the corner, so i decided to make some cool treats for a warm day with my little sisters. The best thing about this popsicles is that you can get the yummy taste from winter's favorite hot cocoa in a summer way! This are delicious and i hope you guys make them soon! XOXO <3