Outfit of the day: Warm dots<3

The beautiful weather has brought all the cute and fun spring outfits. Im obsessed with the colors this season; futhermore, feathers are my number one lately.<3<3 

Outfit of the day: black pants<3

shirt: pac sun, black pants: pac sun, nine west shoes, juicy couture watch, gold bracelets: forever 21

LOVE the shoes! I got them a while ago and i'm still in love with them, they give the outfit a total different style, and they pair perfect with this black pants. The shirt is very cute and perfect for either spring or summer. I think the watch and  gold bracelets complement the whole thing, and give it a simple but nice touch to it.<3 Have a nice day or night!

Outfit of the day: <3 Mint

    Black poppy top,  Zara dyed trousers, Coach shoes, Juicy couture watch 
        & Forever 21 ankle bracelet. 

i've been dying to get this mint coloured denim for weeks and now i finally got them. I bought this top which has a pattern that i believe is very in style this spring. Feathers are an easy way to bring the new fashion to your wardrobe and im enjoying wearing them every way, but in this case i only have them on this cute ankle bracelet.


H&M dress, Steve Madden heels, D&G watch

This long weekend is going to be crazy, but in a fun way. First, we started with a wedding. Definitely, my favorite part of weddings is the beutiful outfits you can wear. This was a very traditional, summerish style party, and it was lovely! I love the way white dresses fit to pretty much every occasion, but the main reason why i adore this dress is because of all the details on it.   

 DON'T FORGET, to check out the new posts the next upcoming days for more details of this fun long weekend.<3

I absolutely adore this color, this is probably my favorite color for summer. I would usually wear different bikinis each day, but this time i just couldnt. Most likely i wore the same one every single day!! Another thing im also really obssessed with is neon pink lipstick! It's really cute and makes your skin look bright and fun!<3 Like i promise here's another  post about what i did on my long weekend, i had so much fun, and i also had the chance to take so many beautiful pictures with my family. 

OOTD<3: Leopard, Lace, Leather

charlotte rusee shirt, abercrombie jeggins, old navy flats 


Zara high-low shirt, nine west flats, mac lipstick

This season you can see high-low clothing in everyway: skirts, sweaters, and shirts. I think this shirt is absolutely adorable and you can pair it with any accesorie. This is a very casual look, but thanks to the shirt you dont look effortless at all. Hope you guys enjoy it!! <3

OOTD: Heart Green

Zara green sweater, gilly hicks denim shorts, abercrombie Shirt, pink MK watch

This is the perfect outfit for the transition from spring to summer. I think the sweater is gorgeous and it gives your look the perfect amount of color, and you can wear it with everything!

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